The Kapur House

The idea for ‘The Kapur House’ project started quite unexpectedly. At a recent social gathering, I was talking to a gentlemen and during the course of our conversation, he happened to mention that his 40 year family house was being demolished to make way for an apartment. Being the retro obsessed person that I am, I immediately asked him an endless barrage of questions about when/where/how/etc and he kindly invited me to see the place but told me that “its just a normal house, not one of those grand haveli’s that you might imagine.” That did not deter me and I promptly landed at his doorstep a couple of days later. I found a beautiful house hidden among the hustle bustle of the city, with a quiet and unassuming charm. He told me that it would not be around for long so I decided to put together a quick fashion project using the resources at hand. Given the time constraint, everything was put together in one day. My wife did all the shopping, my friend Mohit provided the lovely sarees and I spent most of my time looking up references. So here we are! This project is a simple tribute to a beautiful house build in 1976 that has seen 3 generations of the Kapur family.

Concept & Photography – Kishor Krishnamoorthi
Model & Styling – Mandakini Rao
Wardrobe – Mohit Dochania

The Kapur House was demolished in late 2016. An apartment complex now stands in its place.

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