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Dive Bars

Dive Bars are an ubiquitous part of society in India yet frowned upon. I was keen on exploring more of this apparently hidden world which provides a safe escape zone for many a working man.

For around a month, I went around Hyderabad, spending time at various dive bars and permit rooms, looking out for moments and people that would represent the environment there.

This required me to blend in the environment so as to not stand out amongst the other revelers in these establishments. I went undercover wearing old clothes and dusty jeans and shot most of the images with a compact mirrorless camera that would not attract attention.

The full set of images were complied into a printed Zine which was nominated for a Stack Magazine Award. You can buy the Zine here.

A full set of images of Dive Bars in Hyderabad can be found in Issue 6 : Bars of Concorde Zine. You can buy a copy here.

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